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OPHIUCHUS – General qualities and traits

It's absurd to think that this has caused a change in the overall zodiac, where clearly not everyone is pleased with this kink in the astrological chain. Everything has an opposite to its design, where if no balance exists, then it isn't truly what it is made out to be.

Constellations Serpens and Ophiuchus

You'll find here the Ophiuchus traits that make this new sign what it is, uncovering what the Ophiuchus personality is all about. Positive Traits. Trivial information and those of petty nature, do not interest them. Have great charismatic skills. Possess honest qualities, where they do not succumb to lies.

Can be secretive and not completely open to sharing things about themselves. They have a drive to succeed in what they take up. Don't like being treated as anything less than equals. Passionate and eccentric. Always open to new information and knowledge, especially of that which is unknown.

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Has persuasive skills and are quite convincing in nature. Loves being praised openly. They tend to think with their hearts and not with their heads. Pride is a strong trait. They are all for justice and believe in fair means. Known to be good lovers.

Loves language and the written word. Negative Traits. Procrastination is a habit that this zodiac repeatedly acts out on. Constantly restless.


Makes use of people as and when they're required, including friends. Can possess a jealous streak.

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  • Tempers are violent but can immediately evaporate. Sense of humor is dry. Critical and quite judgmental. Sarcasm is their forte. The Ophiuchus zodiac is an interesting new sign that has caught the attention of a lot of people worldwide, given the fact that it has made a place among the signs as a very prominent constellation.

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    All we can hope for is that there is no radical change in the astrological calendar, and that we all remain within our own true zodiacs. Then again, how does that play a major part in our lives, since at the end of the day, we stay true to who we are, whether the stars shift or not, right? Share This. Ophiuchus Personality. Ophiuchus Personality Traits. According to the Minnesota Planetarium Society, here is where the real signs of the Zodiac should fall.

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    Get ready for your world to change forever. Capricorn: Jan. Aquarius: Feb. Pisces: March April Aries: April May Taurus: May June Gemini: June July Cancer: July Aug.

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