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The meaning of a mole on face depends on where exactly on the face the mole lies. The face has many features. Therefore, to conveniently present the details on the meanings of moles on face, we will break down the features into individual parts. We shall then separately analyze the meaning moles associated with each of the features. A mole in the left eye indicates arrogance and infidelity.

A mole on the left eyebrow indicates bad luck. A mole on the right side of the nose signifies easy wealth.

Mole located by or in mouth have various meanings. These moles are found on the tongue or on the lips. A mole on the lower lip denotes good appetite and art. A mole on the left shoulder suggests hostility. A mole on palm signifies obstruction. There are different meanings for moles located at various parts on the legs, including right and left calf, and right and left ankle:.

A mole on the left foot signifies spouse problems. Mole astrology is the belief that planets influence the formation of moles. Also, it involves the practice of studying moles in the attempt to foretell the destiny that awaits that individual. Mole astrology for female body may differ from the one for male body. Also, there are different mole astrology for moles located at different locations.

For example, there is mole on face astrology. A good luck mole on an individual signifies fortunes and pleasant experiences the individual will undergo. Similarly, a bad luck mole on an individual point to misfortunes and difficulties that the individual will experience. Although most of the experiences affect both males and females, some interpretations that only affect females while others only affect males.

What is the significance of mole meanings? Their earnings will be very good and they get name and fame easily. Moles on the left side of the chin represent a person who talks straightforward and hence people do not like him. He becomes quarrelsome. A mole on the upper lip represents a person who does good to everyone.

There will be weakness of ladies and luxurious items. A mole on the lower lip represents a person who loves good food. He will have interest in acting and theatre arts. A mole on the inner side of the upper lip represents a person skilled in mantras and mystic forces. A mole on the inner side of the lower lip represents a person who becomes a drunkard and losses money on speculation. Moles on the right cheek represent a sensitive person who gives a lot of respect to his parents.

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He loves his wife and relatives. He enjoys wealth and health and lives long. Moles on the left cheek represent a person who is introvert and an arrogant person. He would face troubles in the life. But he will be happy in the old age because of his children.

These Moles Has Surprising Meaning if you have at least one in these 7 places of your body

A mole on the middle of the tongue indicates obstacles in the education. The native may not be able to talk fluently and there will be health problems. A mole on the tip outer edge of the tongue represents a person who can convince others with his speech. He is intelligent and diplomatic.

He loves good food and his children will have good future. A mole on the back side of the neck represents angry and aggressive person. Generally such a person involves into anti-social activities. A mole on the front side of the neck represents an artistic person with sweet voice. His life will settle well after his marriage. Moles on right shoulder represent brave and courageous person who will not sleep until finishing any project.

Moles on the left shoulder represent a person who involves into quarrels with others. A mole on the right side of the chest indicates more female progeny. Financial problems trouble him. But he receives due respect from others.

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A mole on the left side of the chest represents a person who is clever and who does not maintain good relation with his relations and friends. Financial problems are common for him. A mole exactly in the middle of the chest represents heavy financial problems. Such person involves into heavy debts. But he will have devotion to God.

A mole on the right ribs represents a person with a lot of inner fear. He lies easily. A mole on the left ribs represents a person whose earning will be average.

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A mole on the right side of the stomach indicates good earnings and weakness of ladies. A mole on the left side of the stomach represents a jealous person who likes to earn easy money. He will possess some agriculture lands. A mole nearer to navel cavity represents luxurious life. Such a person is loud-mouthed. A mole on the right hand indicates a person who completes any task by tenacity and intelligent. A mole on the left hand indicates a person who wants to become rich but stays at average level. A mole on the left or right elbow represents wealth and success.

The native likes fine arts.

He helps others and gets help from others. A mole on the wrist represents childhood in poverty. He becomes a writer or painter. He will be devotional. His income increases when he becomes aged. A mole any where nearer to the backbone represents name and fame. Such a person becomes a leader or minister.

A mole on the right side of the back represents good health and courage. A mole on the left side of the back represents completing the tasks by diplomacy. Moles on the right buttock represent wisdom and creativity. The person will become an artist. Moles on the left buttock represent poverty. The person leads a deprived life. Moles anywhere on the genitals represent excessive desire for sex.

Such persons generally will have a paramour. Moles on the right thigh represent valor. The person will have an opportunity to go abroad. He will be profited from a lady, either from his wife or from other woman. Moles on the left thigh make the person skilled in some art. He becomes lazy and will have fewer friends. A mole on the right calf represents success in all ventures. There will be benefits from ladies.

Mole Meaning on Body Based on Location

The native may involve into politics. A mole on the left calf represents journeys due to job or business. There will be many friends. A mole on the right ankle represents foresightedness. The native will be endowed with gift of gab. The person will have a lot of belief in God. A mole on the left ankle represents devotion towards God. He talks less. At some point of life, the person faces legal problems. A mole on the right foot represents a good spouse and family life. He will have devotion to God.

A mole on the left foot represents creates problems with spouse. The person faces financial problems and wrath of others. Moles on the bottom of the feet represent journeys, enemies and licentious nature. The person will be a lover of fine arts. Throat - An artistic temperament, successful. Chest - Lazy, unsteady, quarrelsome, financially unsound. Breast right - Indolent, intemperate. Breast left -Active, energetic. Nipple - Fickle and unfaithful. Ribs right - Insensitive, cowardly. Ribs left - Lazy, humorous. Navel - Great good fortune. Abdomen - Voracious, intemperate and self-indulgent.

Should marry someone placid. Hips - Resourceful, valiant and over-amorous. Loins - Mendacious.

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Groin right - Ill health. Groin left - Frail. Thigh right - Wealth and a happy marriage. Thigh left - A warm temperament.

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Knee right - Friendly disposition and happy marriage. Knee left - Rash, extravagant, ill-tempered but good business sense. Leg right - Energetic and preserving. Leg left - Lazy. Ankle - A sharing nature, a sense of humor. Heel - Mentally and physically active. Should beware of making enemies. Foot right - Loves traveling. Foot left - Thoughtful and gloomy; prefers a sedentary life. Instep - Athletic, quarrelsome. Neck - Many ups and downs. Should be frugal. Shoulder blades - Unhappiness. Shoulder left - Easily satisfied. Shoulder right - Prudent discreet, faithful and restless.

Armpit left - Good fortune won by hard work. Armpit right - Struggles against heavy odds. Arm right - Adversity in early life, contentment in old age. Arm left - Courteous, industrious. Elbow - Great talent, great desire to travel. Wrist or hand right - Frugal, successful in business. Wrist or hand left - Ingenious, artistic. Finger - Dishonest, prone to exaggerate, unable to face reality. Back - Frank with an inquiring mind. Should be cautious. Buttocks - Total lack of ambition.

Moles on the middle of the forehead reveal a bad-tempered disposition and potential cruel nature. Such people should guard against accidents in their middle age. Mole on the left temple indicates a tendency to be spendthrift and horsetrong. The person should try to live a quite life. Mole on the right temple indicates exceptional ability. The person should guard against illness in later life.

Mole on or near the eyebrows belongs to preserving person who is happy in marriage. This person bewares of lightening and food poisoning. Moles on the left side of the nose middle indicate a changeable nature. An untrustworthy but lucky person who should be bewares of falls.

Moles on the right side of the nose middle shows a great traveling urge, an outdoor occupation involve plenty of movement. Mole on the lower lips shows a quiet and studious nature. Good fortune is indicated in later life. Moles on the chin show conscientious, common sense and artistic ability.

These people make the best of any opportunities and improve a lot with age. Moles are found on different parts of our body and a reference of moles is found in Books like Sankeeta Nidhi, Lal Kitab and others. These significant marks on the body are very remarkable guides either to the good or bad fortunes of any one but the reader is baffled further as to the results of such moles as it is not available in the test books. In Astrology Zodiac signs denote the parts of the body over which they dominate are summarized as under The moles on the different parts of the body indicate the zodiacal sigh by which the person is being dominated.

These are found since birth. But it is observed that moles appear also during the life time. They change their size and colour which indicate change of fortune. Darker colour indicates great disappointments where as light colour denotes good fortune. A mole when raised, like a wart, is a good sign, whatever is its colour.

The effects have many a times been verified and found correct. It is said that moles on left side of man and on right side of women are auspicious. It may be noted here that the moles may be black or red in colour, it matters a little. In case of moles following points are mentioned for the verification of readers to know the effects of the moles. But in actual practice no differences have been found. They behave equally. If on the right side more moles are found then daughters will be more.

A mole on the breast shows affection loyalty, strength, and courage which will gain honour. Such lady would be loving disposition, adulterous and sexy. A mole on the eyebrows the man incontinent and given to women; but if a woman it shows she will have a good husband. It denotes that mole on eyebrows, both or either, indicate and happy and early marriage. A mole on the forehead of a man or woman denotes they shall grow rich being beloved of their friends and neighbours. A mole on the left cheek foretells fruitfulness in either sex.

It is a sign of worries and downfall. A mole on the left side of a man denotes danger and strangling; in a woman sorrow and great pain in child birth. A mole on the midst of the forehead shows wisdom and conduct in the management of the affairs. Such people are wealthy and some times attain evil temper. A mole on the neck shows a man to be prudent in his actions; but a woman of a weak judgement apt to believe the worst of her husband.

A mole on the nose shows that the party loves pleasure more than anything else. He is lucky and loves journey. A mole on the right cheek shows the party too much beloved and will come unto great fortune. It is also a sigh of success, health, wealth and happiness. Arms Moles on arms indicate that the person is polite, diligent and will lead a happy married life. If mole is near the elbow, the man will need to struggle in life, and might also become a young widower. If the woman has the same characteristics, however, her problems relate to her occupation. Armpits A mole under the left arm is indicative of great struggle early in life, which is, however, well rewarded.

Wealth makes later years equally pleasurable. A mole under the right arm shows that one needs to be alert and cautious in matters of security. A mole in the right armpit represents desire for wealth. A mole in the left armpit represents desire for ladies. Back People like this are unreliable, and with them one must ensure that all facts are available before one enters any sort of negotiation for any enterprise.

Backbone A mole any where nearer to the backbone represents name and fame. Breast mole on breast A mole on the right breast is indicative of laziness, which may affect family life. You need to be assertive about your needs to be able to enjoy the love and comfort of the children. A mole on the left breast belongs to active and energetic people, who generally get what they want in life.

Buttocks People who have a mole on buttocks are un-ambitious, and will be reconciled to any mode of living. Cheek A mole on cheek either cheek indicates a serious and studious person who has no interest in material pleasures. Chin mole on chin A mole on either side of the chin is indicative of people who are affectionate and caring. These people adapt easily to any situation. They love travelling and respect the law of the land. They are also dedicated and conscientious workers and willingly accept responsibilities. Moles on the left side of the chin represent a person who talks straight forward and hence people do not like him.

Ear People who are born with a mole on ear are generally considered lucky. A mole any where on the ear represents good earnings and luxurious life. Nose: A mole on the tip of the nose represents quick thinking and quick temper. Elbow People who have moles on elbow love to travel. They are adventurous and spirited.

You will struggle in life to achieve your goals and some will become widow at an early stage of their life. Eye lids: A mole on the right eyelid brings wealth. Mole On Palms Mole on your right palm signifies that you will receive a lot of wealth while that on your left palm signifies that you will lose your wealth. Mole On Waist According to moleosophy, if you have a mole on your waist, you are likely to be blessed with all kinds of material happiness. Mole On The Back A mole on the back signifies that you are dependent on others and people bad mouth you behind your back.

Mole On Left Shoulder A person with a mole on left shoulder is supposed to be hesitant and a coward. Mole On Right Shoulder A mole on the right shoulder signifies that the person is very daring and capable. Common Skincare Myths Busted! Myths About Normal Delivery Busted!

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