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Download Low Quality p. The brand Thanthi has a rich tradition in Tamil community. Dina Thanthi is a reputed daily Tamil newspaper in Tamil society. Founded by S.


Adithanar, a lawyer trained in Britain and practiced in Singapore, with its first edition from Madurai in KS Murugan sk. Roopesh R 1 year ago Sir nerula ungala pakanum appoinment ethum vanganum konjam solunga sir pls. Anandhi anandhi 1 year ago Thank u sir.

#SaniPeyarchi2017 : ரிஷப ராசிக்கான பலன்கள் | Astrologer Shelvi | Thanthi TV

Vijay Vignesh 2 years ago Hi. Vetri Stiker 2 years ago Vv good. Vasanthi Kesavan 2 years ago What u said is correct sir. MR Builders mrbuilders 2 years ago Super. Shoban Babu 2 years ago Super sir Thank u sir. Anbu ranjani 2 years ago Super sir Velmani Sutha 2 years ago true. Meenu bala 2 years ago Enathu raasi rishabam natchathiram rohini Iam seriously planning for highers and given interview in the college I wanted badly.

I would like to know if this month is favourable for my highers. By the date I am Aries. Is this tre with my start too? Sir my dob is 14th sep meshaa rasi bharani star, sir please tell me about my career and my health. I was born on the 4th of August at 6.

#SaniPeyarchi2017 : மீன ராசிக்கான பலன்கள் | Astrologer Shelvi | Thanthi TV

Please give me information of correct marriage time and about career. Dear sir…im kripa from Kerala. Place of birth Trivandrum.

மகரம் ராசி 2019 தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு பலன்கள் - Capricorn - Astrologer Shelvi

No I to lov n understand.. Finance probs for appropriate treatment too…tel me sir wat to do.? Can I be able to walk as b4? Will I get a government job according to my horoscope? Plz sir du help me. I am mesha Bharani pl I have lost my business with loans still to be settled want to know whether to do business or search job ,family life disturbed children nor wife not feeling left out in ocean,elder son nor younger both not cooperating,want to look groom for elder but not understanding how to handle this with out funds in hand pl suggest how should I come out and be like before lost fame money business pl help to attain as I want to prove my family and attain as before.

Name -vishranthi gotram-ottypally rasi-mesha nakshatram-kritika dob G my dob is Please reply me sir.

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Am Shobana Aries I feel hurting my life very bad. I am struggling to sell my Flat and I am facing health problems below waist.

Jothida Neram | ஜோதிட நேரம் | Shelvi Astrologer [Epi ] (08/06/) - ANews

Please let me know what to do. MY Dob is 6. Please tell us when I will give conceive. Hello Sir, My name is Sriram Hari sign is Mesha Rasi and Ashwini nakashtra facing lot of trouble in my life have got married in the year Nov 2 when the astama Sani started after that have fought with my wife lots and lots. After lot of fights went to divorce at the same time myself respect and name got damaged by my x-wife itself and due to this divorce issue am not able to concentrate on my work and lost my job my mind turned to get suicide but we have to face everything in life so controlled all my feelings and everything within me and also my dad expired on So felt lonely , only my sister,brother and mom understood the issue they stood beside me and taken me to the safe path.

I heard like that due astama sani am facing this issue my astrologer told to me. So, as he suggest me to go temples like her wish am going so my problems are less now. I know still 4 months need face the problem because astama sani getting over by December , Hi my name is r.