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He prolongs his conversation with his client so as to get rough idea of his problem, to collect as many details from him as possible, to peep into his mind and then only will he begin asking questions.

The questions are easy enough. The astrologer pretended to be omniscient. Majority of people in India are superstitious and behave irrationally. They are led to believe by holy figures and such impostors that any planet or stars located up in the sky can make or mar their fortune. They accept it as a gospel truth and never ask why some fortune tellers themselves fail to please angry stars. The very dealings of the astrologer with his customers are described thus: He had a working analysis of mankind's troubles: marriage, money, and the tangles of human ties.

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Long practice had sharpened his perception…he told the person before him, gazing at his palm, "In many ways you are not getting the fullest results for your efforts," nine out of ten were disposed to agree with him. Or he questioned: "Is there any woman in your family, maybe even a distant relative, who is not well disposed towards you? How can you be otherwise with Saturn where he is? You have an impetuous nature and a rough exterior. The Joy of Reading Literature,3 It was a stereotyped life for the astrologer which he enjoyed to the fall.

The speciality of Narayan lies in the telling the readers about the life of an astrologer whose name is not even mentioned by the writer, even no details of his past life has been given.

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It tends the readers to think that he must be an original inhabitant of this village. The narrative of the story takes a turn when the astrologer encounters a stranger whom he finds a potential client. He tries to entice him through his usual methods: You look care worn. It will do you good to sit down for a while and chat with me. The Joy of Reading Literature, 4 The stranger is not an ordinary client; it is difficult for the astrologer to accept his conditions.

The stranger wants something worthwhile from the astrologer. He has his own questions to ask and is ready to pay high fees for that but if the astrologer found bluffing, he would like to have his money back with interest. The astrologer found himself caught in the tight situation.

He knows that this visitor would lend him in trouble. He may be exposed and his little empire may crumble. He Vol. His self-confidence gives way and tries to wriggle out of the whole thing: The astrologer felt very uncomfortable. I am not used to such challenges. It is late for me today.

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The other held his wrist and said: "You can't get out of it now. You dragged me in while I was passing. I will speak to you tomorrow. Go on. It was a question of life and death for him.

But for the help of such experienced astrologer his mission would remain unfulfilled. After a brief talk, the astrologer suddenly realizes that the visitor belonged to the same place as he. They arrive at a deal and astrologer was to get handsome amount provided he satisfied the query of his client.

The client had none of the usual problems of ill-health, poverty, unhappy married life etc. He was in search of the person who had attempted to kill him by throwing into the well. Luckily his life was saved. He was burning to take revenge. The killer had run away from the village. But he would carry on his efforts to find out his enemy from any corner of the world.

The astrologer was a bit nervous but he planned everything properly. A little carelessness on his part meant his life was to end quickly. The astrologer gives very authentic information, sometimes even before being asked, to his client which astonishes the client as well as the readers.

The astrologer tells the visitor that: You were left for dead. Am I right? You were left for dead. The visitor was impressed by his knowledge and accepted his defeat. When being asked by the stranger about the assailant, the astrologer informed him that the wicked person met a tragic end for he was crushed under a truck. He received due punishment for his evil deeds. He also advised the astonished client not to come again here in future. It would be in his interest to confine himself to his native village only. They depart never to see each other again. This episode leaves the readers bewildered and musing whether the astrologer really posses some uncanny powers after all.

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Narayan here creates a kind of mystery which commonly found in the stories of O Henry. It tends the readers to believe that some surprising and unexpected end is awaiting like the stories of Henry. Henry, but the brevity and conciseness of the tale and its low-key ending save it from the air of contrivance to which O. Henry was prone. Also notable is the irony that can be appreciated only in reading—particularly the exchange in which the astrologer assures Guru Nayak that his enemy met the fate he desired. Long back, he had run away after this event had taken place. He was under the impression that his victim must have died and so he left his ancestral residence for ever to avoid legal punishment.

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But strange are the ways of the world contrary to his expectation, he had to face the person whom he thought to be dead. He was smart enough to convince him to keep to his village only. It ensured his safety. The story ends with a great relief for both of its only two characters. Though the victim could not take an eye for an eye, he was consoled that nature gave the assailant death he badly deserved. The astrologer is unburdened himself from his past sin of murdering a person in his silly youngster age under the intoxication of wine.

He fabricated the story to keep any possible threat or danger to his life away. The astrologer had committed a folly by getting into a quarrel when he was a drunk youngster, the result of which changed his entire path of life. Archana References Archer, Rosanne. New York Post N. They're not intended to be submitted as your own work, so we don't waste time removing every error. This allows our team to focus on improving the library and adding new essays.

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